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How often are courses scheduled?

Though the course catalog is ever evolving, NSBOA is committed to providing each of the professional studies program courses on a two year cycle. In addition NSBOA offers code updates, seminars, technical development and conferences.

Why should I become a member?

Building Officials are entrusted by the public they serve in regards to building safety. NSBOA Qualification and Certification Program is a leader in the country. Setting provincial standards the province can be proud of.

How do I participate in the association?

As an association that is largely run by volunteers you can contribute as a member from participating in board meetings to being a board or committee member or simply by participating in association activities. Your participation is key to NSBOA’s success. Ask a Zone Rep or Board Member for more information.

What is ACBOA?

Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Associations which strives to achieve consistent requirements for Building Officials across Canada. NSBOA is an active member of ACBOA. Past President Tim Leslie is our current representative.

What qualification is a building official required to obtain in order to work in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia Building Officials are required to meet the certification requirements of set by the Nova Scotia Training and Certification Board and be a member of good standing with NSBOA. Current requirements are found under ‘Certification and Qualification’ page on this site.

Why are there different levels of building officials?

Under our Code of Ethics, building officials will only be allowed to inspect buildings for which they are Qualified. A Qualified Level I Building Official may inspect all Part 9 buildings as determined by the National Building Code of Canada, including all buildings of three storeys or less in building height, having a building area not exceeding 600 square metres [6,460 =/- sq. ft.] A Qualified Level II Building Official may inspect all buildings without height restrictions. For more information about Qualification please see our Qualification & Certification Page